The lightness of the air : Franco Mazzucchelli

The lightness of the air : Franco Mazzucchelli

Franco Mazzucchelli was born in Milan in 1939 and graduated in sculpture at the Brera Academy.

His work as a sculptor are very particular : it’s like he choose to medel and culpt “the air”.

His works are part of performance made possible by the invention of new materials, especially polyvinyl chloride, PVC perfect for his lightness and malleability.

Over the years Mazzucchelli gives life to huge sculptures of air, up to thirty, forty meters, to geometric shapes such as the spiral and the cube, or even immense tubes inside which to walk and play.

Through occupying these spaces, actually it contains a very serious question: who creates works of art, the artist of the twentieth century? Who is the user? The response of Franco Mazzucchelli is that the artist has a social function and must take to the streets to appeal to regular people.

The work of Franco Mazzucchelli is rich and dense conceptual implications of cultural references, but always resolved lightly : The lightness of the air.

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