Skills of an Interior Decorator

Skills of an Interior Decorator

An interior decorator works on the style of a domestic or industrial environment, in particular, is focused on the correct dimension of pieces of furniture, the respect of spaces between them and functionality of their disposition on space.

Moreover the interior decorator pays much attention to the quality of materials of which furniture and collectibles are made of, focusing on the comfort and functionality of the entire environment, creating an harmonious ambience, pleasant to live and exploit.

The Interior designer must have in addition to good taste,  a good technical knowledge of the practical aspects and dimensions: the specific task of the designer is to be able to decorate the interior of a building without changing the structures. He designs and redefines the space of a house or an office or a room, with taste and knowledge of spaces and shapes.

Color, size, material, and needs of those who will inhabit the specific environment, must be fused together to make the environment pleasant and functional!

The most important key skills of a good interior designer is to be able analyze and listen to the needs, lifestyle and objectives of his client, as what may be pleasing to a single individual, may not be for others: when a customer orders a work of modernization and restructuring of an environment, the first questions to ask are:

What is the purpose of the job that the client want to do?

Why the client want to do it?

It’s not just for aesthetics, but the project should reflect the personality of the client, so that he will be fully satisfied in the long term and  completely comfortable in that environment.

To develop a good project, we need to have very clear ideas and understand what are the basic decisions to be taken.

First you have to observe the basic features of the environment and discover  strengths and weaknesses, to decide where and how to optimally act.

Then, make style choices (space, colors shapes, materials) consistent with the budget that was allocated.

It is therefore necessary to evaluate different quotations from different suppliers, keeping in line with the style outlined, the essential quality, the specific needs of the client and the established budget.

For an interior designer, every project is therefore a work of great research, careful and meticulous, which takes into account several interlinked aspects.

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