Mercante in fiera October 2015

Mercante in fiera October 2015

Mercanteinfiera is a very intense design experience in the heart of Emilia Romagna, exactly in Parma (Italy), where you can find a true city of antiques and mid century modern furniture, art, fashion and jewelry.

 mercanteinfier designe antiques 2015

An important international design appointment where collectors, professionals, architects, designers can find thousands of pieces of art and furniture belonging to different styles and  discover new sectors: in this last edition of 2015 we can also see an extraordinary section dedicated to the world of cars and vintage motorcycles.

Exhibitors from all European antique squares, exhibit their discoveries to tens of thousands of professional visitors, collectors and vintage and antiques lovers: Mercanteinfiera is definitely one of the most important events of the sector on the European scene.


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