Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016

Are you wondering what trends we will see during 2016 about design and home decoration? The Vintage Style we’ll always have a great charm and glamour as regard living spaces and home environment.

We’ll assist to a return of exotic pieces decoration, with natural and pastel colors and to a new colors scheme of refined and strong combinations

The 2016 decoration style will range from delicate and sophisticated themes of Nordic Scandinavian Design, from eclectic and strong colors and shapes typical of industrial design.

Let’s talk about each different style:

Scandinavian Design: a very chic and refined furniture, characterized by delicate shades of powder pink, gold and silver. Very appreciated the mid century modern Scandinavian furniture: that Nordic retro charm!

Extravagant Vintage Design: In 2016 we’ll see a predominance of strong and definite colors like electric blue, olive green, yellow lemon, for a very smart, glamorous and funny environment: living spaces with strong personality!

Natural and eco-friendly Design : 2016 will be will be marked by the choices environmentally friendly, also in interior decoration. We’ll see chromatic palettes ranging from shades of the rough ground to the delicate pastel shades of leis and natural fibers will be the favorite, in a worm, comfortable and natural style


Eclectic Industrial Design: in 2016 will see again, as in 2015, a return to industrial interior decoration with strong contrast in terms of colors, material and shapes, all fuse together in a very chic environment with a touch of glamorous vintage style.

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