Design Markt Wiesbaden : 50s-70s Vintage Design

Design Markt Wiesbaden : 50s-70s Vintage Design

Ltwid  is always tuned to the international scenary  of markets, exhibitions ad fairs related to the world of vintage design and today we suggest this unmissable event at the European level: the Desgn Markt Wiesbaden that will take place in November.

Elegant shapes and lines, and unusual concepts that makes of luxury design something timeless and as modern at the same time , today as it was yesterday.

The 08 November is closed and this particularly nice fair is taking place at the center of Wiesbaden community, showing the best of the three decades in international design: 1950s – 1960s – 1970s

designmarkt fair ltwid

Many exhibitors come together in this market to exhibit their prestigious pieces of art and furniture.

At DESIGNMARKT you will sure find the objects you are looking for : from plastic furniture, vintage lamps, chrome design, to vintage jewelry and fashion.

The fair will be a great experience even if you just want have look around and breathe the vintage atmosphere, walking through a timeless path made up of luxury pieces of art and design.

The DesignMarkt fair will opened the doors to this magic world of design on Sunday, November 8th at 10.

Don’t miss this fabulous event!

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