Art Deco Elegance !

Art deco is synonymous with detail and sophistication : the perfect fusion of quality materials and details such as the parchment (goat skin), lacquered woods and brass, while maintaining a clean design and generally a certain linearity in the forms.

When we face  with an object of pure inspiration for art deco the first words that generally come in our mind are : class, elegance, sophistication.

This Vintage French Desk is one prime example of Art Deco style : here are enhanced all the characteristics of Art Deco French Design, such as cleanliness of lines and shapes, brightness, brilliance …. sophistication.

Parchment on top of a delicate ivory white in contrasts with the glossy black of the wooden base decorated with discrete and essential  grains : simplicity and ostentation at the same time …. That perfect combination that makes a masterpiece from a simple piece of furniture : perfect  where luxury and refinement are the key words!


art deco french vintage desk

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