Compasso D’Oro Chairs

Compasso D’Oro Chairs

The design of a chair has always been an irresistible challenge for any designer: the project of a chair, even if you would not say, forces the designer to measure constraints and formal sophistication.

Over the years we assist  to a real  evolution of how the different designers have solved the different functional and stylistic constraints and doubts.

Here are some of the most prestigious, innovative and functional chairs, designed during the 20th century, which have been awarded with the prestigious title of  ”Compasso D’Oro“, becoming true icons of Italian and international design.

We can start from the iconic vintage chair “Luisa” of 1950 proceeding with  the peculiar plastic chair of designed by Zanuso, originally designed for children, this chair encloses behind a very complex molding technique, going to the achievements of the following years involving the stackability of chairs: for example to “Selene” chair designed by Vico Magistretti, which provides a single molded plastic.

Continuing with the following designs by Enzo Mari that was focused on functional minimalism.

Up to the iconic super “lightweight” chair signed by Gio Ponti and produced by the Italian company Cassina since 1957: it is one of the most famous products of the Milanese design and one of the most important products of the industrial design of the twentieth century: this chair has become a real cultural symbol and one of the most interesting examples of innovative technology applied to furnishings.

The chair designed by Mario Bellini, the famous “Bellini Chair” is instead one of the most intelligent chairs ever made before: winning the prestigious “Compasso D’Oro”, this iconic model is able to combine lightness, functionality and simplicity of shapes.

All chairs mentioned, are linked by strong functional constraints “the sitting” in big formal constraints in reference to all the chairs designed previously.

The last chair of our roundup is the famous chair designed by Bartoli Design in 2008: once again a minimal chair, with a very strict image, but in contrast to the material of construction that is instead soft and comfortable.

We can definitely say that we find in all the creation mentioned, the continued challenge to the laws of gravity  and resistance of the materials used: a certainly difficult mission, challenging and exciting for every designer.

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