Becoming an Art Gallery Owner

Becoming an Art Gallery Owner

Discover how to transform your passion for art and design in a successful career !

Have you ever thought of opening a your own art gallery? Yes, your dream can become true simply following the tips we decided to share with you in this valuable article!

To have an art and design gallery is a prestigious and also hard job: you have to be a very passionate and independent person who loves to travel and stay in continuous contact with people!

A curator of a gallery should have contacts and friendships with architects, designer, artists, investors and media, creating his own circle of influence to increase the gallery prestige: this may take from three to five years.

1)      First of all you have to decide what kind of gallery you want to start: a vintage and mid century art and design, a fine artantiques or a smart combination of different kind of art;

2)      You have to improve you knowledge about your specific sector: know as much as possible about artists and their pieces;

3)      Start being a frequent visitor of exhibitions, markets and art fairs, in order to present your gallery and your items;

4)      Improve you ability in sales negotiations;

5)      Plan your advertising campaign on ordinary media, such as magazines and newspapers and expecially on the internet and social media: create online mailing lists of potential customers, collectors and professional will be the greatest and faster way to develop the success of you business in this technological era.

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