Zara Hadid Harchitects

Zara Hadid Harchitects

Today we want to celebrate the success of one of the greatest woman in the international architecture scene.

Zara has already won several international competition: in 2004 she was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize and now she is again protagonist on the architecture scene by winning the Royal Gold Medal Prize for 2016, a prestigious award for architecture, since 1948, conferred by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

This award is conferred as a recognition for concrete and substantial contribution to the international architecture, and Zara is (once again) the first woman to achieve this recognition.

Zara Hadid is a brittannic architect and designer born oi Baghdad in 1950, from a prosperous family and grown up in a typical Bauhaus building of the time: a period in which, in the Middle East,  the term “modernism” was definitely a synonymous of glamour and progressive thinking.

The typical architecture and design of Zara Hadid is characterized by curved and powerful shape and elongated structures with multiple prospective and a fragmented geometry.


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