Nacho Carbonell

Nacho Carbonell

Halfway between a sculptor an a designer, Nacho Carbonell is a young Spanish Design based in Holland who is fascinating the contemporary world of art and design lovers.

Dispite his young age and his relatively short experience in design, he was named Designer of the Future by the jury of Design Miami /Basel.

His creation may look rude and rough at a first appearance, but there’s a delicate and lovely side beside.

Brad Pitt is one of his worldwide biggest extimator and collector of his extravagant pieces of art and furniture.

Carbonell will have an exhibition in Milan, hosted by the famous gallerist Rossana Orlandi, who discovered and supported him through the last years until. The exhibition of Nacho’s work will last till December, 10 and will be a collection of his three last years of work and experimentation.

Meanwhile Nacho is planning new travels to India and Japan : travel is always a focus in his life and creative process because , as the artist sais, he loves to explore and know new cultures and traditions, finding unexpected places which give new inspiration for new creative ideas.

The exhibition set in Milan aims to show “tools capable of disrupting our perceptive habits”: Carbonel works and view are focused on the needs of contemporary humanity, reflecting with his creation the world seen through the artist’s eye.

nacho carbonell exhibition milan art design

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