Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi was one of the most popular american artists and designer during the 20th centrury.

He was essentially a sculpture, but he loved to infuse his creativity and artistic sign also in other fields such as design and interiors.

He was born in Los Angeles from Japanese father and American mother: this fact leaded him to explore different cultures and stylistic design.

Isamu traveled to Europe, where he experimented first his interest and passion for sculpture, and than he was deeply fascinated from “zen design and art” of the Cinese and Japanese gardening.

Coming back to America, he had his first exhibition of his creations in New York in 1928.

Naguchi’s design is unmistakable and in  is clear in his work the continue research for atmosphere and spaces, rather that monumentality: a sort of zen approach to his artistic realizations.

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