Gaetano Pesce Design: color and creativity!

Gaetano Pesce Design: color and creativity!

Geatano Pesce  is an Italian designer, but also an architect and an artist : he is engaged in the construction of various works in architecture , urban planning, interior design and exhibition design, industrial design and publishing.

He was Born in La Spezia in Italy in 1939 and he studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Venice.

His polyedral artistic side  is fused together with the polyhedral clutural influence due to his many travels around the world : he lived in sever international cities such as Padua , Venice, London , Helsinki , Paris and since 1980 lives in New York.

He could experiment the habits and lifestyles of several cultures and countries and this determined his poliedricity and multidisciplinary .

Gaetano Pesce ‘s work are characterized by the the double functionality of objects and architecture, the creativity in the use of color, the refinement of the use of synthetic materials and the concept of  ”femininity ” in the architectural projects.

It is no mystery that on Ltwid we are lovers of colorfull and extravagance design : the eccentricity of the whole Italian Design Style is felt in this curved chair accompanied by his particular Puff wich definitely could give a unique touch of energy to an environment  rich in class and style.

gaetano pesce design

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