Franco Albini

compasso d'oro award

compasso d’oro award

Definitely one of the greatest Italian designers, his works are characterized by an rationalist imprint and shapes with a own identity, proper of the Italian bourgeoisie of the mid century modern.
Between illumination and insight his creativity is unmistakable, with that sense of strangeness of the Italian culture of the time.
In this article we want to crown two iconic works of art, reflecting the particular Albini’s Design.
One of these are the metal furnishings tat he could produce in cooperation with Fonderie Milanesi and Venzetti between 1930-1933. These household items were made from a special cast iron called “dite”.
Albini’s design is definitely defined  as a  “Perfect fusion of  industrial tecnique and artistic design.”
See photos: Vanzetti cast Iron items.

special cast iron "Dite"

special cast iron “Dite”

In the second picture you can see one of his most perfect creations: a floor lamp called “mitragliatrice”.
in his second apartment in Cimarosa Street in Milan, Albini introduces a number of decorative items and design including lighting furniture: among the many lamps he places a floor lamp characterized with a basic structure similar to a machine-gun.
The lamp has a  support at the top of the pipe and an aluminum shade due to an ironic Dadaism, perhaps one of the most appreciated forms of furniture in the mid century.

brass and aluminium floor lamp

brass and aluminium floor lamp

sketches of the "mitragliatrice"

sketches of the “mitragliatrice”

“The work of a designer must

not just be a fleeting expression

of the consumer world, but

follow “the tradition” that is a

barrier against wild fancies, the

temporariness of fashion and the

damaging errors of mediocrity”

Cit: Franco Albini, based on the book: Minimum Design

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