Fontana Arte: The magic of Crystal

Fontana Arte: The magic of Crystal

The magic of crystal fused in original creations made of tradition and glass  : FontanaArte  is an Italian company founded in Milan in 1932 by Luigi Fontana and Gio Ponti and specializing in glass processing and manufacturing of home furnishings.

The company core business if focused in the creation of  artistic elements made up of crystal.

Fontana Arte become internationally known for the ability in working with curved glass:  over the years the company  become a prominent name in Italian design.

The company get international significance passing the artistic direction of  Gio Ponti,  Pietro Chiesa and later Max Ingrand and passing from one orientation to a handicraft production to a more industrialized one.

Nowadays we can found in the Vintage Fontana Arte collection some of the most significant and elegant lighting elements of the 20th century Vintage design.

FontanaArte  is famous all around the world as a “Made in Italy” icon, specialized in the artistic creations in glass and crystal : unmistakable piece of vintage design lighting, very appreciated for luxury and glamorous environment !

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