About us

We are a group of collectors lovers of art antiques and furnishing of the twentieth century.
We have decided to create this site for passion give the opportunity to all traders, collectors, and art lovers to buy, sell, show fabulous things!
We want a collector can buy the piece that loves even if find them the other side of the world.
The world today allow Us to be in New York and buy a piece in Moscow and have it in a few hours at home.
Dealers sponsored by Us are in the market for decades.
Are prestigious stores located in any part of the world and before being sponsored by Us are subject to a careful selection.
We try to keep the high standard of quality of goods and try to maintain high security sales.
We encourage visitors to report any abuse found in our website in order to keep the site safe, beautiful and exciting for our visitors.
We wish you a pleasant stay in our website and we hope that you can find the object of your dreams.

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